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A software to mark the difference in the management of your company

premium software safe


  • A management solution for each one of the areas of your business
  • It creates commercial campaigns to increase your sales
  • It adapts the program to your form to work
  • Úsalo in any place with the access Web
  • It improves your security with copies of your data base in the cloud
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Services including

  • Migration of data
  • Formation
  • Updates
  • Technical support

“Very efficient workers and very prepared. It is an enchantment to work thus with people.”

Milagrosa Lozano Escorza



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software of management for brokerages


Data bases

It organizes all your information in an only place, extracts indicators it nails and it locates of fast and simple form any data in cards of your clients, potential victories, workers, suppliers or clients.


It keeps an historical registry from all your activity with each card or file. It plans, it only imputes and it controls times with a single click and obtén a global vision of all the tasks carried out with each card of your data bases in some seconds.


It organizes all the documentation of your office in an only place and ties it to your cards and files.

Predefined options

It makes agile your more routine processes and it saves time in administrative tasks.


It manages your availability: tie appointments to the file of work of clients and files, automatic warnings, customized colors, searches outposts and information.


It sends post office from any part of the program with the manager of integrated e-mail and automatically associates them with your data bases.

Economic management

All the economic management of your office from an only place: accounts, pro formas, remittances, invoices, financial covers, advance payments …

Security, permissions and backup

It takes steps to acquire permissions, local keys of access and backup copies to maintain your information always protected and to fulfill the LOPD and the requirements of Compliance.

Victories of policies

It controls the victories of the policies to anticipate to you and to renew. It controls his state, it matters, etc.

Dashboard and indicators

That any detail does not escape to you and controls the indicators that worry to you more.

Documentary management

All the documentation of your study associated to each client and project. Attached and it manages writings and documents in an only place. It designs customized groups to print.


It creates fields to size, it adapts the visualization of the program to the needs of each worker and improves the effectiveness of your study.

Automatic actions and shipments

It sends reminders and customized information of automatic form, it automates routine processes, it sends SMS, it predefines job streams and it saves time.


It sends massive and customized campaigns of email marketing to be always in touch with your clients.

Access to contract modules

It extends the functionality of your software with modules as: Doc Manager, commercial Module, Access Web…
software of management of insurance agencies

It begins to have everything organized

 Data bases

  • Cards of potentials, clients, workers, companies, suppliers.
  • It relates the data bases to each other.
  • It qualifies cards to be able to offer a customized treatment.

 File of work

  • Historical of work with each one of the cards.
  • It organizes the file of each of them by types of action.
  • It details all the battles conducted with data of time, service and cost.


  • Attached or linka the documentation to cards of the data bases.
  • It unifies all the documentation in an only place.

 Predefined options

  • Files and predefined actions.
  • Manager, configuration and personalisation of documentary groups.
Software for insurances
mn program safe

He unifies all your activity in an only application

management for insuring


  • Manager of mail totally integrated
  • He creates all the accounts and companies that you need
  • He forms the type of account that you prefer, POP3, IMAP …
  • Organize it by folders
  • Attached post office automatically to cards of the data bases.
  • It sends post office using customized groups from any part of the program.

Multiuser agenda

  • Individual and multiuser agenda.
  • It discharges from the hospital tasks or tie action to cards of the data bases.
  • Possibility of synchronization with other applications.
management for insurances
management for insuring

Economic management

  • Management of collections (individual, remittances, domiciliations).
  • Management of payments (individual, periodic).
  • Daily, greater book, balance, PyG.
  • Pursuits of unphelp debts, slopes of collection, alert and warnings.
software victories of policies

It improves your management with tools thought for you

Software control of policies

Documentary management

  • Documentation associated to each client and policy.
  • Attached and it manages contracts and documents.
  • Automatic association to cards of your data bases.
  • Scanned Word, pdf, Excel, documents, Images JPG, etc.
  • It improves the quality with multiple edition parameters.
  • It classifies the images and documents.
  • It designs customized groups to print.
Software of management of victories of policies

Victories of policies

  • It manages the victories of the policies.
  • Anticipate to you and you renew the policies before time.
  • It creates activities and eyelashes with different filters to have organized them.
  • It controls the state, it matters, etc.
  • It sends post office. Communicate to you with the implied parts.
  • It works with them of agile and fast way.
  • It controls the main indicators of each.
mn program victories of policies

It controls all the areas of your business


He meets, he analyzes and he manages your clients

Potential clients

He controls and he manages all the clients who are interested in your services


It groups all the conducted battles and you do a pursuit of all your work


It looks for a document by any criterion in cards of the clients

 More Information
Software of management of insurances
mnprogram insurance agencies software

It controls

  • It visualizes all the registries (Clients, potentials or file) from a single window
  • It applies and it keeps the filters to segment the registries
  • It creates eyelashes to keep those filters.
mnprogram safe software

It works

  • It registers new registries or modifies them
  • It exports to Excel or it prints the listings that you need.
  • It controls indicating the key of each of them
mnprogram insuring software

It analyzes

  • It crosses the data to make your analyses
  • It realises graphs of all type
software safe

Adapt it to your needs

software of insurance agencies


  • It forms the options that you need
  • It changes the name of the fields
  • It forms the program to your measurement

  Automatic options

  • Shipment of automatic post office and SMS
  • It forms warning reminders
  • It creates activities in chain


  • It synchronizes your scanner with the program.
  • It scans the documents that you want.
  • Associate them in block to cards of the data bases


  • It segments the clients to whom you want to send your campaign
  • It creates, it personalizes and it adapts the groups that you want
  • It sends your campaigns and it secures your objective
software of management of clients

It extends Functionalities and Contract Modules

software safe agencies

MN Back up cloud

  • It programs your backup copies per day and hour
  • Beam copies differentials of your data base
  • Keep them in the cloud or where you want
Software of management of policies

Access Web

  • Compatible with movable devices
  • All the information accedes from any place
  • It works with your data bases, consults your agenda, it uses the e-mail
Software control victories

Commercial module

  • It manages all channels of sale in an only place
  • It sends massive communications
  • It creates campaigns and it generates leads of automatic form
management program


“Amiable fast and super attention, is pleasant to work with mn program.”

“The treatment of the personnel is excellent. It is pleasant to work thus with people.”

“An enchantment to have some problem, by the rapidity and the education that receipt. Thanks.”

“Thanks for the received attention and rapidity in the management.”

Frequent questions

We are an equipment of young people to the service of our clients for more than 20 years. Our principles are the proactive, positive energy, flexibility, transparency, knowledge, equipment and principle direction to results. It is not enough to us with satisfying our clients, we want to enamor them totally. We are the first company of software of management for microSMEs, SMEs and great companies of Spain with more than 10,000 implantations and 50,000 users.
Our headquarters are in A Corunna and our equipment is formed by 104 people.
Yes, with the purchase of the program we included the import or migration to you of data of your old program, Excel or Access. You will be able to begin to work with us without wasting time in transferring all the information. Safe, it completes and without problems.
No, MN program is easy to use, intuitive and adaptable. In addition, from the first day, you will have to your disposition the customized attention of a person of our team who will help you in everything what you need, until serves the maximum party to the program.
If, by all means, we do not understand it of another way. Our objective is to help you to grow and to manage better your business, reason why we want to make your available the present and novel tools.
We characterized ourselves to offer a service near and of quality our clients. We are to a call or a click to solve all the doubts and problems that you have without no type of cost.
We conceive to each client as only, for that reason MN program is made up totally of functional modules that can be activated and be deactivated for each client, adapting to the individual needs of each.
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