Much more that a management software

Than 100 people working more with an only objective, to enamor to ours more than 6,000 clients

victories of policies

MN Program

All tour around you

We differently understand the relation with our clients to the rest, is a model where they propose, decide and we listened, for that reason for us their opinions and suggestions are key. We are inconformistas by nature and that is reflected in our history. We begin in 1999 as a CRM for lawyers where quickly we became leader of the sector and where we enjoyed a privileged position.

After several years in the market, guided by that inconformista spirit, we decided to extend our portfolio of clients and to take our product to the following level, happening to be the very good CRM to a complete ERP. With this strategy we managed to enter of successful way other markets.

50,000 users

6 countries

16 years of experience

23,000 valuations

You want to see one demo?

Stuffed your data and we called to you without commitment!

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